Sustainability Commitments

How to bring beauty to events, by definition ephemeral, while understanding the challenge of climate change and the necessity of reducing our carbon footprint? We have this question in mind everyday and that is why we are committed to rethink floral design practices to limit excessive consumption and reduce our impact, while never sacrificing beauty and esthetics.

Below are or commitments:

Choice of flowers and foliage

We offer seasonal flowers and foliage, with a minimum of 50% of flowers grown in France and up to 100% during summer and Spring. We also grow foliages in our garden and love to use them it our design. This implies we are dependent on the flower offer of the Paris flower market on the week of your event. This is why we commit to a color palette but not to a specific variety of flowers.

Design mechanics

We do not use floral foam (green foam made from petro chemical and microplastic particles). Instead, we prefer reusable mechanics (chicken wire for example) or basalt foam that can be composted.

Waste sorting

We sort our waste, so all plastic, cardboard and paper are recycled.


We take the time to carefully assess the quantity of flowers and foliage needed for one event to buy the right quantity. We aim to avoid throwing away flowers that we did not even touch (this may surprise but this is a common practice in event floral industry). This practice allows us to have no or very little waste of flowers and therefore offer good prices for our designs. It is not only ecological but also economical for our clients. It is a win-win practice for everyone.


We offer a large collection of event and wedding rentals (vases, candle holder, arch…) to re-use year after year.

Zone of offer

We offer our floral design service in the Paris area. We won’t travel more than 100km to decorate an event. If you are away from our atelier, we will be happy to recommend fellow sustainable florists in France, also member of the French Flower Collective.

Bud vase on wooden vintage step ladder. Le Jardin d'Audrey- Paris Sustainable Florist. Photographe : Naïs et Isaac